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Saving excess old and broken solar panels from landfills.
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Specializing in large commercial and utility-scale solar panels recycling projects, solar farms, etc. We partner with solar installers, contractors, real estate developers, etc. around the world.

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    Recycle Solar Panels and Equipment

    Solar Asset Recovery is the secondary market for excess new and used solar panels, inverters, battery backup storage and other hardware. We help to recoup some cash or try to offset costs of shipping and handling by recycling old solar panels and equipment and provide it with a second life.

    Are you looking to recycle old solar panels, inverters or power storage? Contact us with the details and would love to see if we can be of assistance.

    *We don’t typically deal with small residential projects, only large scale commercial and utility-scale solar panel decommissioning. Typical minimum would be 100 panels.

    Solar Panel Recycling & Destruction

    If we cannot recover any value on your solar panels and equipment we can offer a downstream solar panels recycling service. Complete solar panels recycling services to comply with all environmental laws, acts and regulations when you recycle your used solar panels with our scrap solar panel recycling company.

    You get them down, we’ll pick them up.

    Solar Maintenance

    Save 30-70% off OEM maintenance, support coverage for all major brands:

    At Solar Recycling, we value your solar panels and hardware even after the OEM warranty expires. We support current and End-of-Life / End-of-Service-Life (EOL/EOSL) solar panels and equipment even after a decade of OEM warranty expiration.

    Share your installed setup configurations or if you just have a few questions start by filling out the form to the right.

    Creating Solar Panels Recycling Solutions for Commercial and Utility-Scale Solar Projects.

    Are used solar panels worth anything?

    Yes it is possible they may have some value. And in fact, you may be surprised at how much your used solar panel can be sold in the market as long as they are in still good working condition. 

    As with brand-new solar panels, the standard method of pricing used solar panels is according to cost per watt. 

    The average value of a used solar panel is between $0.05 to $0.60 per watt, while brand-new solar panels cost $0.70 to $1.50 per watt on average. Of course, the actual value of your used solar panels can vary depending on location, the type of solar panel (i.e., mono-crystalline, thin-film, poly-crystalline, etc.), condition, and other factors.

    Keep in mind logistics fees will offset some value, we typically work with commercial utility scale solar projects to help average out these expenses. 

    Can I recycle my used solar panels?

    Yes, no matter in what condition your old solar panels are, they very well may be recycled, and you should be able to recoup some of your investment by recycling them. Shipping and handling is usually the biggest expense that can offset any value so having a volume quantity of them to average out those costs is important.

    As a general rule of thumb, solar panels that still have more than ten years of energy production can be resold. Most manufacturers guarantee their solar panels can generate power at 80% or higher for the first 20 years, with the average degradation rate of less than 1% per year.

    If, however, your solar panels no longer work, or have some damage then you may need to recycle them which has an average cost of about $20 – $50 usd per panel to properly recycle them with solar panel recycling companies.

    How do I sell my used solar panels?

    There are three main ways to sell your used solar panels, each option with its own pros and cons:

    1. Finding your own buyer, for example, by advertising it on Craigslist. This option will give you the most freedom in pricing your used panels and equipment as you see fit, but you’ll need to do everything by yourself, including making sure to stay compliant with the relevant regulations. *If you’re a home owner with just a small amount of panels (under 100) this may be your only option.
    2. Listing your used solar panels for sale on marketplaces like Amazon or eBay. You’ll have less freedom than in finding your own buyer, but you’ll have better security as a seller, and you can take advantage of these platforms’ reach, so it’s easier to find your buyer.
    3. Using the service of solar panel buyers like Solar Recycling. Unfortunately they typically only deal with commercial utility scale solar projects and do not deal in small quantity residential so under 100 panels you will need to refer to #1 or option #2. Here you may not get as much freedom in how much you’d like to price your panels, but the solar equipment handler can schedule everything for you, from disassembling your panels and equipment to sorting to packing out your panels for delivery and preparing the end of life plan for broken unusable panels for physical recycling.

    Is selling used solar panels hard?

    If you are trying to find your own buyer or listing your used solar panels for sale on online marketplaces like eBay, finding your buyer can be quite challenging, not to mention you may need to stay compliant with environmental laws and other applicable regulations in your area. 

    Not to mention, if you somehow find a buyer, you’ll need to remove the solar panel from where it’s currently installed, sort them, package them, and arrange transportation, which can be quite challenging in practice. 

    This is why working with a solar equipment professional such as Solar Recycling is a much more desirable option If you are looking to sell your used commercial utility scale solar panels and equipment in volume.

    Why sell used solar panels for Solar Recycling?

    Solar Recycling offers an easy way to sell your used solar panels online, even long after your solar panel has its OEM warranty expired.

    Solar Recycling strives to help you recoup as much of your initial solar panel investment by buying your used solar panels and equipment. Main goal is Net ZERO Waste with Net ZERO cost when possible.

    If, for some reason, Solar Recycling cannot recover any value on your solar panels (i.e., if it’s broken beyond repair, then it can offer a downstream recycling service and complete solar panel destruction service that comply with all environmental laws and regulations. Typically up to $50 per panel plus shipping expenses.