Recycling Solar Panels is Expensive. Period.

Nobody planned for the mountain of waste coming…

Solar Recycling™️ was founded in 2019 by e-waste veterans to help alleviate the massive looming problem of what to do with solar panel modules as well as inverters and power storage when they reach their end of life or when decommissioned early for a repower. Harvard business review’s research states early replacement is going to expedite the cumulative waste problem “far sooner and more sharply than analysts expect.” Bookend that with the landmark Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 to accelerate solar waste even sooner.

Our goal at Solar Recycling™️ is to eliminate waste and expense through ZERO NET WASTE and ZERO NET COST, made possible by our innovative approach of refurbishing functional solar panels and responsibly recycling the unusable ones.

Harvard Business Review Case Study…

Article: Harvard Business Review

The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)’s official projections assert that “large amounts of annual waste are anticipated by the early 2030s” and could total 78 million tons by the year 2050.

Harvard Business Review researchers state if early replacements occur as predicted by our statistical model, they can produce 50 times more waste in just four years than IRENA anticipates. That figure translates to around 315,000 metric tons of waste, based on an estimate of 90 tons per MW weight-to-power ratio.

Alarming as they are, these stats may not do full justice to the crisis, as our analysis is restricted to residential installations. With commercial and industrial panels added to the picture, the scale of replacements will be much, much larger….