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Specializing in large commercial and utility-scale projects, solar farms, etc. We partner with solar installers, contractors, real estate developers around the world that want to recycle excess new and used / old solar inverters and equipment.

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Sell Solar inverters

Solar Asset Recovery is the secondary market, where you can sell excess new and used solar inverters.


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If we cannot recover any value on your solar inverters, we can offer a solar inverter recycling service.


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Interested in buying used or refurbished solar inverters? We ship globally.

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Sell Solar inverters

Who We Are

Solar Asset Recovery is the secondary market, where you can sell new and used solar inverters and other hardware. We help to recoup some cash or try to offset costs of shipping and handling by buying your excess new and used solar inverters and providing it with a second life.

Are you looking to recycle old solar inverters? Contact us with the details and would love to see if we can be of assistance.

*We don’t typically deal with small residential projects, only large scale commercial and utility-scale decommissioning.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, and in fact, how much your used solar inverters are worth may surprise you. 

In general, used solar inverters that are still functional and are less than ten years old can be worth a significant sum of money. A used 10-kW solar inverter from a well-known brand could still be worth several thousand dollars.

The value of a used solar inverter will depend on a number of factors: brand, age, model, condition, market demand, and so on. 

Before attempting to sell your used solar inverter, you might want to consider the following:

  1. Condition: if the inverter is still fully functional (or at least functioning well enough) and has been properly maintained, it’s likely to have more value.
  2. Compatibility: older inverters may no longer be compatible with newer solar panels, batteries, or grid requirements. This can lower their resale value. 
  3. Brand and model: solar inverters from reputable brands and/or well-known models may hold a higher resale value. 
  4. Warranty transfer: if the manufacturer of the inverter allows the warranty to be transferred to new owners, it can increase the value. 
  5. Documentation: if the documentation, such as installation guides, user’s manual, and maintenance records, are still complete, it can increase the inverter’s resale value. 
  6. Local regulations: there may be regulations, laws, or requirements related to selling used inverters (or electrical equipment in general) in your location.
  7. Testing and inspection: consider having the inverter inspected and tested by a professional to verify its condition. They may also be able to give you an estimate of its value.

Yes, and in fact, there are several viable options for you to sell your used solar inverters in Santa Ana, Phoenix, Houston, Los Angeles and other cities:

  • Find a buyer yourself

Nowadays, we have the option of listing our used goods (including inverters) on online marketplaces like eBay, Craigslist, or Amazon, among others.

This option gives you the most control in terms of finding and approving the buyer. You can decide and negotiate your price, set your own terms, and so on.

However, you basically need to do everything by yourself with this option:  You will need to take multiple clear and good photos of the solar inverter, write a detailed listing, and answer any questions from potential buyers.

  • Sell to the manufacturer

Some solar panel (and solar inverter) manufacturers may be willing to buy back solar inverters of their own brand. They may want to refurbish them or sell them as refurbished/reconditioned units, or they may use them for parts. 

If your solar inverters are still in production, this may be a viable option. 

Try contacting your solar inverter’s manufacturer and ask whether they are interested in buying your used equipment. They may have a specific process for accepting your used inverter, so it’s important to follow their instruction. 

  • Sell to a specialist solar company

Another great and preferred option is to sell your used inverters to specialist companies like Solar Recycling™️ that buy and sell used solar equipment. 

Not only Solar Recycling™️ will purchase solar inverters at a fair, competitive price, but it will also offer other advantages. Basically, Solar Recycling™️ will take care of every step of the sales process for you, from handling all the paperwork to shipping. 

With Solar Recycling™️, you can also make sure that the whole process is environmentally responsible, including if your inverters need to be recycled. 

If you are willing, you can arrange for Solar Recycling™️ to pick up the solar inverters on your premises.

If you are considering selling your used solar inverter, here are the basic steps you can follow:

  1. Assess the condition: inspect the solar inverter to check whether it is in good condition.
  2. Clean and prepare the inverter: clean the inverter thoroughly to maintain its visual appeal. Be careful not to damage the inverter while cleaning.
  3. Research and pricing: research the market (i.e., by browsing online marketplaces) to determine the current resale value of your used inverter. Look for similar models with similar conditions to get an idea of pricing. You can use this information to set a competitive price for your solar inverter.
  4. Documentation: gather any relevant documentation such as installation guides, manuals, maintenance records, etc. Not a must, but having complete documentation can increase your inverter’s resale value. 
  5. Listing the inverters or contacting potential buyers: choose a platform to list your solar inverters for sale, or contact a specialized solar equipment reseller/recycler like Solar Recycling™️. Make sure to create an informative, concise, and clear listing with detailed descriptions like specifications, conditions, features, etc. 
  6. Quality photos: take high-quality photos of the solar inverter from various angles. Take photos of serial numbers or physical defects (if any), so you can provide honest information for potential buyers. Clear and well-taken photos can help potential buyers assess the condition of the solar inverter. 
  7. Communication: be prepared to answer questions and inquiries from potential buyers, and make sure to answer promptly. Provide any information they may need.
  8. Negotiation and sale: be ready for potential negotiations on the price. Be flexible, but know the limit of how much the price you’ll consider as fair. Once you agree on a price, discuss shipping or pickup options while arranging payment. 
  9. Shipping or pickup: if shipping is required, make sure to package the inverters securely. Make sure to use appropriate packaging and consider paying for insurance. If your buyer is near enough, it’s recommended to coordinate a convenient and safe pickup location.
  10. Transfer of ownership: provide any necessary paperwork or documentation for proper transfer of ownership.

The difficulty of selling solar inverters can vary depending on several factors, including but not limited to market demand, compatibility, condition, pricing, and others. You should especially consider the following:

  1. Age and condition: older solar inverters, or those that are in poor condition, tend to be harder to sell.
  2. Market demand: if there’s high market demand for used solar inverters in your location, it should be easier to sell the used inverter and for a good price.
  3. The selling method: selling your used inverters by yourself, for example, by listing them on online marketplaces like eBay, can be time-consuming and difficult. Yet, selling it to a specialist solar company will be much easier.

However, in most cases, selling used solar inverters should be manageable with the right approach. Make sure to research the market, accurately provide enough information, and price them competitively, so you can sell the solar inverter faster and easier.

There are a few benefits you’ll get by selling your used solar inverter in Las Vegas, San Diego, New-York, Miami, Orlando and other cities to Solar Recycling™️:

  1. Fair price: Solar Recycling™️ is a reputable company specializing in buying and selling used solar equipment, including solar inverters. We will offer you a fair price for your solar inverters.
  2. Convenience: Based on your request, Solar Recycling™️ can come to your home or business to pick up your used solar inverters. This saves you the hassle of packing and shipping the inverters yourself.
  3. Peace of mind: You can be confident that your inverters are in good hands, will be resold or recycled responsibly, and that you will receive a fair price.
  4. Environmentally friendly: Solar Recycling™️ is committed to recycling solar inverters sustainably. If recycling is needed/desired, Solar Recycle will recycle your inverters in an environmentally-friendly manner and will use the recycled materials to create new inverters or other products. 

If you are looking to sell your used solar inverters, Solar Recycling™️ is definitely a reputable company worth considering.